Spanish mayor was employed with no degree in medicine as a GP

Popular Party Mayor declares working as a physician without being qualified Jose Miguel Llorca Senabre, former Mayor of Villajoyosa, a small town on the Costa Blanca where the PP lost their absolute majority in the recent local elections, has been made to stand down and renounce his seat in the council subsequent to the press disclosed that he’s been employed as a physician for many years despite never having finished his medical studies. He’s used an open letter addressed to the citizens of Villajoyosa to declare his verdict. His resignation comes after the media published stories accusing Jose Miguel Llorca Senabre of practising medicine in a practice without having qualified as a physician and challenging his academic history. Jose Miguel Llorca Senabre acknowledged that he took complete responsibility for it and that private conditions kept him from finishing his medical studies. With wishes to ‘the mistake’ he perpetrated in his youth he asked without analysing their particular life, how anyone could throw the very first rock. He stated he was leaving a solid cohesive PP team in the town hall who were in his own words prepared to perish for Villajoyosa. Llorca Senabre had been Mayor of Villjoyosa for the last 8 years. Discussing of his time he stated that he’d been constantly persecuted through untrue accusations which he’d overcome simply through the belief that he was working for the good of the town and suits taken out against him and that it had not been a bed of roses. He likewise said that his privacy had started to change his family life and that it was infringed and for this particular reason he could not go on. In spite of the scandal of the physician the former mayor was backed by the local provincial government, additionally PP, in Alicante and proposed him not to step down, whereby the strong Valencian PP Regional government stepped in and forced the resignation. Connected: English-speaking physicians in SpainHealth Care in SpainMy center opertion in Spain