Spain criticised for Desalination Plants

World Wildlife Fund Criticises Building of Desalination Plants in SpainThe World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has criticised the ‘frenetic building’ of desalination plants in Spain and their negative effect to climate change and the ecosystem. As stated by the study Spain has among the greatest capacities for desalination but it’s warned this isn’t the most effective method of ensuring the supply of fresh water. The manager of the World Fresh Water Programme for the WWF, Jamie Pittock uses a high quantity of energy to do thus thus leading to the greenhouse effect and emphasized that desalination is an extremely expensive type of getting fresh water. Also he maintains it’s ruining the shoreline. The WWF has warned that lots of nations with water deficits are looking to desalination as a remedy to their difficulties. Among those states are the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Spain as well as the UK along with China and India. In all these states there are thickly inhabited regions with no or little natural fresh water supplies. The current Spanish government suggested the building of desalination plants as a means of handling the nation’s water deficit when it cancelled the contraversial Ebro job planned by the last government and meant to divert fresh water to other areas of the state from northern river supplies. Connected:Spanish drought