Collection Suits, Business Gripes Fall in November

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act suits fell to a typical 713 cases (including 66 class action cases) filed in November after a spike in October to more than 900. Fair Credit Reporting Act suits fell to 173 (including 14 class action cases) a month, in November from more than 225.

Debt Collection Business Review

Debt Collection Business Review   Debt collection is a tough thing. There are a number of debt collectors who will never see the money which is owed to them. This is because it is not too hard for a debtor to blow off the attempts by a debt collector to get hold of them. Unpaid debt has become such a …

U.S. Credit Card Accounts Increased by 24M Since Last Year: Report

The U.S. credit card business continues its slow rebound from the fiscal disaster. From a year earlier, the variety of open accounts grew by 24 million in the 2nd quarter, while purchase quantities also increased substantially, according to a fresh report issued by the American Bankers Association.